The Northern Beaches Kitchen Renovation Experts

Renovating the kitchen before putting your house on the market is an excellent way to enhance the value and appeal of your Northern Beaches property. But the kitchen renovation process can be overwhelming without an effective strategy. NRA Constructions offers kitchen renovation services from consultation through to completion for all Sydney areas including the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Hills District. Contact a trustworthy construction company that can give you the professional advice you need to turn your kitchen remodelling dreams into a reality.

About Our Kitchen Design & Construction Service



It is important to prioritise what components and fixtures need replacement. Decide whether it is the cabinets, or kitchen equipment, fixtures and lighting that require your attention. Furthermore, prioritising is an excellent way to budget for the renovation project. This is only possible through prior consultations.


Remodelling professionals offer invaluable insight to the renovation process. They help you identify the limits of your kitchen shell and help you maximise on the space at your disposal. Professionals also visit your home and help you decide on the appropriate plans and designs that require little interference with existing fixtures such as electronics and heating elements.


Make sure to invite a remodelling professional to your home to discuss the designs to consider and those to forgo. NRA is ready to advise you on what you need to do to get the kitchen of your dreams.




Budgeting for a renovation project requires determining how much you can spend and then strictly adhering to this cost. Coupling budgeting and prioritising is a good way to work within financial limits to avoid unnecessary debts and interrupting the project with financial frustrations.


Budgeting involves knowing exactly how the costs will break down. For instance, what percentage of the budget will go into labour, fixtures, appliances, lighting, fittings and windows?


Involving a Northern Beaches construction firm when drafting your budget will save you money as they have the correct information about the market prices of equipment. At NRA Constructions, we are able to source high quality materials at excellent prices because of our long-standing industry relationships. This makes it easier to stay within your budget whilst still being able to use the materials you want for your kitchen renovation. Our team at NRA constructions is ready to help you draft your budget to your specifications.




NRA Constructions have a vast array of kitchen designs to choose from. With a team of professional models which are in tandem with current kitchen design trends, we can transform your kitchen into anything you like. Furthermore, we can create any ambience you please, whether it is a rustic country feel with coffee stained kitchen counter tops, or an elegant environment with high ceilings and glass light fixtures. Our design team is ready to expose you to a whole new world compounded by art and utility.


Why We Love The Northern Beaches


NRA Constructions is always excited to take on new projects on the Northern Beaches, NSW. Suburbs like Manly, Narrabeen and Mona Vale are some the best places Sydney has to offer. The landscape and coastal vibe always mean unique design elements and interesting challenges.

We are a proud supporter of the Northern Beaches Council and Business Chamber which covers the more than 260,000 people who call the Warringah area home.

For NRA Constructions providing our absolute best to this community means a lot to us, we consider the people of the Northern Beaches as some of the most ambitious and we strive to provide the best quality building and construction service to this community. Whether you are in Palm Beach, Freshwater or Curl Curl NRA is grateful for the opportunity to work on the Northern Beaches.