Tips to Spruce up your Bathroom

Tips to Spruce up your Bathroom

There are plenty of ways to refresh your bathroom without investing large amounts of time and/or money into a full bathroom renovation. Get started with some of these quick tips and bathroom trends to revamp your bathroom and give it a new life in no time.

Mirror Magic
A quick and easy way to add new life to your bathroom is by sprucing up the mirror. Simply adding a decorative trim or frame can significantly improve the existing look. A bold frame can also act as a focal piece for the room, adding visual interest whilst maintaining its practical purpose.

New Fixtures
Replacing outdated fixtures from past eras can instantly freshen up the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Removing dated faucets, towel racks, light fixtures and drawer handles is a great way to create a coordinated new look. This is an excellent opportunity to mold your bathroom to fit a new, contemporary style, creating a seamless and holistic aesthetic.

New Accessories
Another simple way to change the ambience of your bathroom is by simply switching out the small vanity top accessories. This is an economical way to create a clean and classy aesthetic. Simple changes include sourcing decorative jars or bottles to hold soap and mouthwash. This will help the room look more put together as it minimises clutter and the use of cheap plastic.

Repaint & Retile
Repainting is a surefire way to create dramatic change in an existing space. It’s extremely affordable, especially if you DIY – gather a few friends to help and make a weekend out of it. It would also be an excellent opportunity to retile the room, although that can require professional input.

Storage Space
Storage space always seems to be an issue, no matter how big or small your bathroom is. A simple way to combat this problem is to install open shelving units or add floating shelves. This will ensure the vanity top remains clean and free of clutter, creating a greater sense of spaciousness.

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